Since children like playing computer games, STEAM contents in this book are organized in game form to keep students motivated and engaged. Its uniqueness is based on a simple approach adopted in the teaching of the basic concepts of a computer to a beginner, especially to the very young children who may not have had any form of knowledge and use of a computer technology before. It will be of a great value to elementary schools, homeschooling and afterschool programs because it sets minimum standards that all children must achieve in the technology and STEAM topics for their grade level during their time at school. This book can be implemented without the use of the internet, all educational software associated with the use of this book are computer-based and are freeware. Internet use is an additional resource. Visit to download your freeware.


Horlucks ICT & Computing Workout 2 is a technology workbook designed for grade two students. It is a new approach to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that focuses mainly on learning with technology. It includes a well planned cross-curriculum lesson linking task to early literacy, mathematics, science, reading, geography, art and coding.Its use of computer-simulated activities helps keep the children interested and engaged simply because it includes a game-based strategy of learning.As a learning guide, it provides 33 classwork exercises and 26 computer/hands-on activities ranging from tutoring to simulation.