Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot


Bee-Bot® is a programmable floor robot, a perfect start for teaching control, directional language and programming.

Children like to play games and in the attempt to win a Bee-bot game they interact, communicate by predicting, explore, engage with each other and learn together with their peers without realizing it.

Recommended Age

3 yrs. – 7 yrs. / Preschool – 2nd gr.


With a wide range of cross curricular mats and activity tins to program with, Bee-Bot® is the must have programming resource for any K-5th grade classrooms. Bee-Bot® moves in steps of 15cm and turns in 90° turns. Supplied with a USB lead, Bee-Bot® can either be recharged via your computer or a wall socket with a USB mains adapter (not supplied). Bee-Bot® App now available. The Bee-Bot® App makes use of the Bee-Bot® keypad functionality and enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming using an app.