Bee-bot Alphabet Game Task Cards (Download)


How to Play

  • Neatly cut out the 5.5″ x 4.2″ alphabet task cards.
  • Shuffle the task cards and instruct each player to pick one or more cards in sequence
  • Each task card shows the Bee-bots’ starting point (GO) and its destination point (STOP)
  • Each player takes turn to play. To play you must announce your GO and STOP positions on the card you picked and then place the Bee-bot on the starting position.
  • When Bee-bot is routed correctly, the player drops the card and turn goes to the next player
  • When Bee-bot is routed incorrectly the player keeps the card and the turn goes to the next player
  • When Bee-bot incorrectly stops on a pick-card grid, the player pick additional card(s)
  • Avoid the DO NOT CROSS zone, it is too dangerous
  • The player with no card or least number of cards wins the game


This game product contains appealing 35 alphabet task cards that can be used with the alphabet game mat. To meet project objectives, we advise that you use it with our Game mat or Bee-bot Alphabet Game Mat  

Using a Bee-bot with the task card creates a great deal of excitement and intrigue among children. Children like to play games and in the attempt to win the Bee-bot game they interact, communicate by predicting, explore, engage with each other and learn together with their peers without realizing it.

You will need a PDF reader to access this resource after download.

Do not forget that the teacher’s creativity and instruction play an important role in the delivery of this lesson.