Bee-bot Alphabet Board Game Bundle (Download)


Bee-bot Activity Board Game is a bundle package that contains 29 alphabet mat cards, 35 task cards, Bee-bot command cards and their white and black versions.


How to Play

  • Neatly cut out the 5.5″ x 4.2″ alphabet task cards and the 15cm x 15cm alphabet mat cards.
  • Shuffle the task cards and instruct each player to pick one or more cards in sequence
  • Each task card shows the Bee-bots’ starting point (GO) and its destination point (STOP)
  • Each player takes turn to play. To play you must announce your GO and STOP positions on the card you picked and then place the Bee-bot on the starting position.
  • When Bee-bot is routed correctly, the player drops the card and turn goes to the next player
  • When Bee-bot is routed incorrectly the player keeps the card and the turn goes to the next player
  • When Bee-bot incorrectly stops on a pick-card grid, the player pick additional card(s)
  • Avoid the DO NOT CROSS zone, it is too dangerous
  • The player with no card or least number of cards wins the game