Horlucks E-Learning


Since 2014, Horlucks Technology Hub has been dedicated to providing 21st century learning and teaching technology resources in schools and homes all around the world. We incorporate alternative activities (games, exercises and simulations) that will stimulate student interest. Our services include publication of technology workbooks for schools and homes, provision of educational technology resources to classrooms and technology camps, and development of professional web presence for institutions and agencies. We also offer professional development in technology and computing for teachers and students in schools, STEM program and After-school program.

Technology Workbooks

Our ICT & Computing Workouts are technology workbooks designed to cover the development of necessary skills and knowledge which foster active learning in any classroom. Its uses of computer-simulated activities help keep the children interested without digressing from the objectives of the lesson. Additionally, some exercises in the workbooks are linked to variety of other subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and since children like to play games, STEAM contents in our books are organized in game form to keep student interested, engaged and focused. At the completion of any of our book series, students must have acquired standard keyboard and mouse techniques, word processing skills, graphics creation skills, computing, programming and web search skills. Click here to view our workbooks

Educational Technology Resources

Bonwell and Eison state ” that in active learning students participate in the process and students participate when they are doing something besides passively listening”, and since today’s children get bored quickly, introducing diverse teaching and learning strategies is paramount to attaining an effective active classroom. Using a backward design approach, our technology resources and classroom bundles will allow you incorporate technology into your classroom and students participate besides passively listening. Our game-based tasks and activities have a cross-curriculum advantage and can be used to teach other subjects. View resources

Professional K-12 website solutions

Whether your school/business operates offline or online, it’s crucial to build and maintain a website in today’s digital world. Our website solutions are affordable and flexible, including award-winning Content Management System (CMS) software that offers maximum flexibility in building websites for schools and districts. Read more


Content management is the process of organizing and consolidating these pieces of content (text, graphics, and multimedia clips) and tagging schemes (XML, HTML, etc,) in the most efficient way and storing them only one time in a repository, known as a content management system. The organized content can then be used over and over again (content reuse) for many different publications and repurposed for multichannel publishing.

In short, content management systems (CMS) make your content smarter and more powerful. Because content is stored only one time no matter how many times it is used, the system can track everything that happens to it. And editors only have to handle the content one time while the changes are made globally within and across all documents.

Organizations in any industry will see the benefits of an effective component content management system almost immediately. Technology companies, healthcare providers, government contractors, and other businesses can all use a CMS to streamline their workflows, maintain regulatory compliance, and improve overall quality control, among other benefits.

If your organization handles a diverse selection of content such as instructional videos, user guides, or product labelling, has to translate materials for international markets, or has other specific content-related challenges, a CMS is an essential tool that will help you work more efficiently and effectively.